About this platform

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is going today through an economic and industrial renaissance that affects all aspects of the Saudi economy and business environment. These efforts have been recently accelerated with the launch of Saudi Vision 2030, and its subsequent programs that seek to achieve industrial development and stimulate private sector participation, such as the "Made in Saudi" and the “Sharik” programs.

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About this platform

In 2020, the Economic Diversification and Investment Platform (EDI Platform) was launched to support the Saudi economic diversification efforts as a platform that aims to be a data visualization tool that allows people to explore global trade flows across markets and across time and discover new growth opportunities.

The platform is based on the existing Atlas of Economic Complexity website, developed by the Center of International Development in the United States. We used the Atlas website and its trade and market intelligence data, to build this platform to explore the competitive advantages of Saudi Arabia. This is a first step for this platform, and we hope to build on this step towards a more inclusive website with more data and insights.

Arrab Consulting is a national management consulting firm, working with organizations in the public and private sectors on consulting projects that span multiple sectors and functions. Our economic development focuses on designing and implementing economic growth strategies and tailored programs and frameworks to support local and regional economic growth.

This platform is accompanied by its sister group, the Economic Diversification Group (EcD Group), which aims to bring forward theoretical knowledge regarding the economic and industrial development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and presents business insights that are relevant to the national and regional landscapes. To follow EcD Group, please visit the link Linkedin